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First, an orthography note. TceqliCeqli can be written in letters. When writing about TceqliCeqli in English, I use English style capitalization, hence "Tceqli""Ceqli" is capitalized. And you on this page.
The TceqliCeqli language uses the 26 of the Roman alphabet. 1314 of them are called or "leading letter"(C) in Tceqli:Ceqli:
B as in Boy
in SHinCHin
D as in DuD
F as in FluFF
G as in Good
H as in Hat
P as in PiP
S as in So
T as in ToT
V as in Victory
X as in SHoe
Z as in Zoo
X is a special letter used only to form foreign sounds. For example, the English "th" sound in "thin" would be represented in Tceqli by "tx."
The other 12 are called "following letters" (N) in TceqliCeqli
Five vawl, or "vowels" (V):
A as in fAther
E as in bEt*
I as in machIne
wi - as in WE
When juxtaposed, vawl are pronounced separately:
beo - BE-o
xua - XU-a
Stress: If aTceqlia Ceqli morpheme of more than
dilna - DILna
pamo - PAmo
zilaw - ZIlaw
somalay - soMAlay
waw as in WOW!
wey as in WAY
yey as in YAY
yoy as in YOIks!
TceqliCeqli morphemes must begin with
English > heqlit (SeeLesson 3for an explanation of the final -t and the stress)
Al> halt
Obama > hobamat
Names beginning with with lmnqr add zr:
Lima > zlimat
Russia >zrusit
Norman > znormant
names of letters in Tceqli:Ceqli:
A at
E et
I it
O ot

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