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Ceqli Glossary

Page history last edited by Rex May 9 years, 3 months ago


The Glossary is from Ceqli to English.  Use the page search to find English words if you want to work backwards. I've included the origin of the words where possible.  I've indicated compound words, too, with the morphemes separated by hyphens.  This has been revised through the letter F.  Suggestions and corrections are welcome.  Contact me at rmay@mac.com

ba something, indefinite pronoun Loglan
balan teat, X is a teat Irish
baley ballet dance, X dances a ballet with Y French
balo complicated, X is complicated reversal
baluqi grapefruit, X is a grapefruit Swahili
balwa riot, X riots against Y Hindi
bam night, X is a night of day Y Korean
bam-cen midnight, X is a midnight of day Y compound
bamu bamboo, X is bamboo Eng
bamu-bin bamboo shoot, X is a bamboo shoot compound
bana invent, X invents Y Hindi
bana-jin inventor, X is an inventor of Y compound
banana banana, X is a banana English banana
bane bandage, X is a bandage Eng
bani money, X is money issued by Y Rumanian
bani-be-dwa debt of money, X is a debt owed by Y to Z compound
bani-duq exchange money, X exchanges money Y with Z compound
bani-duq-jay exchange house, X is a money exchange house compound
bani-dwa owe money, X owes Y to Z compound
bani-twi purse, X is a purse compound
banwar whirlpool, X is a whirlpool Hindi
banyo bathe, X bathes Y Spanish
banyo-cam bathroom, X is a bathroom in building Y compound
banyo-penwar bathrobe, X is a bathrobe compound
banyo-ske bath (event of bathing), X is a bathing of Y by Z compound
banyo-tawl bath towel, X is a bath towel compound
banyo-toq bathtub, X is a bathtub compound
baq hemp, X is hemp Hindi
baqla bungalow, X is a bungalow Hindi
bara rose (flower), X is a rose Hindi
baran rain, X is rain Persian
baran-heq-zer rain guage, X is a rain guage compound
baran-palo raincoat, X is a raincoat compound
bari turn (chance in a sequence) X is Y's turn Hindi
baril barrel, X is a barrel Spanish
barli barley, X is barley Engl.
barmal punctual, X is punctual Hindi
barn barn, X is a barn English
barwa letter (communication), X is a letter Hindi
baw build, X builds Y German bauen
baw-bawm-jey lumber, (building wood), X is lumber compound
baw-bawm-jey-jay lumber yard, X is a lumber yard compound
baw-jey building (structure), X is a building compound
baw-skim-jin architect, X is an architect compound
bawaq onion, X is an onion Indonesian
bawm tree, X is a tree German
bawm-jey wood, X is wood compound
bawm-sey forest, X is a forest compound
bay according to, X is according to Y English by
bayl dance, X dances dance Y Spanish
bayn leg, X is a leg of Y German
be particle that switches subj and obj of verb English be-, Mandarin bei
be-bana invention, X is an invention invented by Y compound
be-ber-fey portable, X is portable compound
be-bol has, knows, language, X is a speaker of language Y compound
be-buq goods, X is goods traded by Y compound
be-bwa-fey potable, X is potable compound
be-dan contain, X contains Y compound
be-fel necessary, X is necessary to Y compound
be-fir scare, X scares Y compound
be-fraq X is broken by Y compound
be-fraq-fey breakable, X is breakable compound
be-fray fried, X is fried compound
be-fyul is powered, fueled, X is powered by Y compound
be-jonmo be born, X is born to mother Y compound
be-kyam to be called. "My name is...", X is called Y compound
be-play be implied by, X is implied by Y compound
be-pyun-zay abbreviated, X is abbreviated compound
be-sli at most, X is at most Y compound
be-ti [closes ti-phrase] compound
be-xaw-vey come into view, X comes into Y's view compound
be-zay be caused, X is caused by Y compound
bel beautiful, X is beautiful French belle
belan roller, X is a roller Hindi
belan-pen rollerball pen compound
beli belly, stomach, X is a stomach of creature Y English
ben advantage, benefit, for, X benefits Y English BENefit
ben benefit, X benefits Y English Benefit
ben for the benefit of, acts as preposition English BENefit
beq bank, X is a bank (money) Tok Pisin
ber bear, carry, tote, X carries Y English
ber-jey load, cargo, X is a cargo of Y compound
ber-jin bearer, porter, X is a porter who carries Y compound
ber-tomo truck, X is a truck compound
bera raft, X is a raft Hindi
beri berry, X is a berry English
berli barely, X is barely Y English
bey receive, X receives Y Mandarin bei
bey-kyum receipt, X is a receipt for Y compound
bi be, is equivalent to, X = Y English be
bilawan cashew, X is a cashew Hindi
bilyar billiards, X is billiards Portuguese
bima insurance, X is insurance for Y Swahili
bin baby, infant form, X is an immature Y Arabic
bin-cwaq crib, X is a crib compound
bine bee, X is a bee German
biq ice, X is ice Mandarin
biq-koq icebox, X is an icebox (see giro-koq) compound
birne bulb, X is a bulb German
biru beer, X is beer Japanese
blare bladder, X is a bladder of creature Y Norwegian
blay lead (metal), X is the metal lead German
ble ugly, X is ugly reversal of bel
blen blend, X blends Y English BLENd
blen mix, Z mixes Y English BLENd
bley times, x, multiplication marker, X is multiplied by Y English doubBLE
bli moment, instant, X is an instant English BLInk
bli-bril flash (light), X flashes compound
blini pancake, X is a pancake Russian
blu blue, X is blue English
blu-beri blueberry, X is a blueberry compound
blu-fawl bluebird, X is a bluebird compound
bnoy On this side of, X is on this side of Y reversal
bol language (is a language of), X is a language known by Y Hindi bolna
bol-jey saying, X is a saying compound
bol-koy garrulous, X is garrulous compound
bol-sin mute, X is mute, is without language compound
bola simple, X is simple Hindi
boli glass (substance), X is glass Mandarin
bolo cake (pastry), X is a cake Portuguese
bom bomb, X is a bomb Eng,
bomul cotton, X is cotton Swedish
bora sack, bag, X is a sack Hindi
boro rag, X is a rag Japanese
boyl boil, X boils English
boyl-zay boil, X boils Y compound
bra arm, X is an arm of Y French
bra-horlo wristwatch, X is a wristwatch compound
brawn brown, X is brown English
brela umbrella, X is an umbrella English umBRELLA
breyn brain, X is a brain of Y English
bril shine, X shines Esperanto
brila glasses, spectacles, X is glasses German
bru abrupt, X is abrupt English aBRUpt
bru-xaw catch sight of, X catches sight of Y compound
brul burn, X burns Esperanto French
brul-zay burn, cause to burn, X burns Y compound
brum broom, X is a broom Eng
brum-tso sweep, X sweeps Y compound
bu not, no Mandarin
bu-da-zo Buddha, X is Buddha compound
bu-da-zo-cel Buddhist (person), X is a Buddhist compound
bu-da-zo-din Buddhism, X is Buddhism compound
bu-tiq-fey deaf, X is deaf compound
bu-tru untrue, false, X is false compound
bul cow, domesticated, X is a cow (either sex) English bull
bula mistake, make a mistake, X makes a mistake, errs Hindi
bula-jey mistake, error, X is a mistake done by Y compound
bulan moon, X is a moon of planet Y Indonesian
buli cow, domesticated, X is a cow (female) English bull
bulo bull, domesticated, X is a bull English bull
buma paper, X is paper Russ BUMAga
bumen-hurin-kraq albuminuria, X is albuminuria of organism Y compound
buni countryside, X is countryside English boonies
bunle bundle, X is a bundle of Y English BUNDLE
buq trade, exchange, barter, X barters Y Tok Pisin
buq-jin merchant, X is a merchant of Y (goods) compound
buq-komu-jey commercial, advertisement, X is a commercial for Y compound
buq-panya company (business), X is a company compound
bura beet, X is a beet Russ.
bwa drink, X drinks Y French bois
bwa-fel thirsty, X is thirsty for Y compound
bwa-fel-xen thirst, X is thirst for compound
bwa-gwin liquor, X is liquor, strong drink compound
bwa-zer drinking glass, cup, X is a cup for/of Y compound
bwan boss, leader, chief, X is the boss of Y Swahili bwana
bwan-ceq capital (chief city), X is the capital of Y compound
bya against, not according to, on the contrary, X is against Y reversal of bay
byan weave, Z weaves Y Mandarin
byel white, X is white Russian
byel-blu light blue, X is light blue compound
byel-corn gray, X is gray compound
byel-hoq pink, X is pink compound
byel-zay bleach, whiten, X whitens Y compound
byel-zay-jey bleach, X is bleach compound
byen also, X is in addition to Y Spanish tamBIEN
byon beyond, on the other side of, X is beyond Y English BeYONd
byon-gey cross, go to the other side of, X crosses Y compound
byorn bear, X is a bear (animal) Scandinavian
byumen albumen, X is albumen English alBUMEN
ca there (near you) a priori
ca-ba that one (by you) compound
ca-sa that adj (by you) compound
cal move, X moves Hindi
cal-skala escalator, X is an escalator compound
cal-vayu wind, X is a wind (moving air) compound
cal-zay move, X moves Y compound
cala blister, X is a blister on Y Hindi
calawa Will-o-the-wisp, X is a will-o-the-wisp Hindi
cam room, is a room/chamber French
cam-sey apartment, is an apartment, suite of rooms compound
cam-sey-dom apartment house, X is an apartment house compound
camra leather, X is leather Hindi
cara graze, feed, X grazes on Y Hindi
cari stick, twig, X is a stick/twig/ Hindi
cari-geril bacillus (rod shaped bacterium), X is a bacillus compound
carm charm, X charms Y English
caro narrow, X is narrow reversal
caw say goodbye, X says goodbye to Y Italian
cawal rice, X is rice Hindi chawal
cay tea, X is tea Hindi, Russian
cayn-zo China, X is China/Chinese English CHINese
ce resumptive pronoun a priori
cel follower, believer, X is a follower of Y Hindi CHELa
celan trousers, pants, X is trousers Indonesian
celan-tam-zer suspenders, X is suspenders compound
cem than, in comparison, X is compared to Y Russian
cen medium, mid-range, X is the center of Y English CENter
cene chin, X is a chin of Y Turkish
cene-har goatee, chin-beard, X is a goatee of Y compound
ceq city, X is a city Mandarin
ceq-bwan mayor, X is a mayor of Y compound
ceqli-zo Ceqli, X is Ceqli CHinese + ENGLIsh
cer chair, X is a chair English
cernila ink, X is ink Russian
ceru cigar, X is a cigar Hindi
cerul cigarette, X is a cigarette Hindi
ceyn chain, X is a chain English
ci here French iCI
ci-ba this one compound
ci-sa this adj compound
cil seven, X is a group of seven Korean
cil-zem-xar July, X is July compound
cile chile, X is a chile (pepper) Spanish
cili chili, X is chili English
cimi codfish, X is a codfish Hindi
cimni chimney, X is a chimney English
ciq invite, polite imperative marker, X invites Y Mandarin
ciq please, invite Mandarin
ciq-jin guest, X is a guest compound
co what has just been said or referred to a priori
coq copy, X copies Y Mandarin
coq-jey copy, X is a copy of Y compound
cor release, let go, X releases Y Hindi
cora wide, X is wide Hindi
cora-cer sofa, couch, X is a sofa compound
corn black, X is black Russian
coy notice, X notices Y Cantonese
cu there (not near you) a priori
cu-ba that one (not by you) compound
cu-sa that adj (not by you) compound
cum kiss, X kisses Y Hindi
cun lip, X is a lip of Y Mandarin
cun-har mustache, X is a mustache of Y compound
cuqu bitter, X is bitter Swahili
cuqwa orange (color), X is orange Swahili
cur steal, X steals Y, Hindi
cur-jin thief, X is a thief of commodity Y compound
cura frog, X is a frog Hindi
cwa lead, go first, X goes first/before Y, X leads Y Hokkien
cwan ship, X is a ship Mandarin
cwan-bwan captain, X is a ship captain of ship Y compound
cwaq bed, x is a bed Mandarin chuang
cwey blow, puff, X blows Y (as a sail) Mandarin
da he, she, it, third person pronoun Loglan da
dal divided by, / X is divided by Y Irish
dal-dwe half (short for "handaldwe") compound
dalam deep, X is deep Indonesian
dali tense, unrelaxed, X is tense reversal
dalu continent, X is a continent Mandarin
damini lightning, X is lightning Hindi
dan in, inside, X is in Y French dans
dan-tayl interior, inside, X is an interior of Y compound
dan-vey enter, X enters Y compound
dan-vey-dor entrance, X is an entrance to Y compound
dan-vey-jay entrance, place of entry, X is a place of entry to Y compound
dan-vey-kyum ticket, X is a ticket to Y compound
danya damage, X damages Y Spanish
danya-jey damage, X is damage to Y compound
daq stop, X stops Y, X causes Y to end Mandarin
dara custom, practice, X is a custom of Y Bengali
dara-bay customary, X is customary, according to custom compound
daren adult, X is an adult Mandarin
darya body of water, X is a body of water Hindi
darya-kinar coast, shore, X is a coast of Y compound
daw manner, X is a manner of Y Mandarin tao
daw way, path, X is a way/path to Y Mandarin tao
dawa drug, X is a drug Swahili
dawa medicine, X is a medicine Swahili
dawm thumb, X is a thumb of Y German
dawr last, endure, X endures, lasts through Y German
dawr-peyn ache, long-lasing pain, X is an ache in Y compound
daya right (direction), X is to the right of Y Indonesian (meaning east side of body)
dayaria diarrhea, X is diarrhea English
dayra circle, X is a circle Arabic
dayra-form circular, round, X is round compound
de from, X is from Y Romance
de-gey leave, X leaves Y compound
de-gey-dor exit, X is the exit from Y compound
del member, coherent piece, X is a member of Y Scandinavian
dema parcel, X is a parcel of Y Greek
dema-tso wrap, X wraps Y compound
deman request, X requests Y French
den perform, X performs Y, as a play or music Irish
den-ske performance, X is a performance of Y compound
dena afford, X affords Y Hindi
denwa phone, telephone, X is a telephone Japanese
denwa-tso call, phone, X phones Y compound
dia day (daylight time), X is a day, period of daytime Spanish
dia-cen-kom-jey lunch, X is lunch compound
diaman diamond, X is a diamond French
dil heart, X is a heart of Y Hindi
dila relax, relaxed, rests, X is relaxed, X rests Hindi
dila-dyen day off, X is a day off, holiday compound
dila-koy lazy, X is lazy compound
dila-taym vacation, X is a vacation compound
din religion, X is a religion Hindi
din-cel religious person, X is a religious person compound
din-cel-sey church, body of believers, X is a church compound
din-dom church, X is a church compound
diq thing, X is a thing German
diq-vor noun, X is a noun in language Y compound
dir animal, X is an animal Old English DIr
dir-hila veterinarian, X is a veterinarian compound
diwali bowl, X is a bowl Cherokee
dmala shallow, X is shallow reversal
do now, also present tense particle, also when, at the time of English do, roughly
do-dyen today, X is today compound
do-ke when, at the time that compound
do-taym currently, these times, X is current times compound
dolar dollar, X is a dollar Span.
dolor sorrow, X sorrows about Y Span.
dolu hail, X is hail Turkish
dom house, X is a house Russian, Latin DOMus
dom-gay roof, X is a roof of Y compound
dom-gay-cam attic, X is an attic of Y compound
domen abdomen, X is an abdomen of Y English abDOMEN
don give, X gives Y Romance
don-ba gift, something given, X is a gift to Y compound
doq hole, X is a hole in Y Mandarin
doqma dogma, X is dogma English
doqmay artery, X is an artery of organism Y Mandarin
dor door, X is a door to/in Y English
dorm sleep, X sleeps French dormir
dorm-fel sleepy, X is sleepy compound
dorm-koy sleepy, X is sleepy compound
dorm-vey fall asleep, X falls asleep compound
dorm-zay-dawa anesthetic (sleep inducer), X is an anesthetic compound
doy -oid, X s part of a class that resembles Y English -oid
doya bean Cherokee
drano lake, X is a lake Fijian
drawn drown, X drowns in, from Y English
dril drill, X drills Y English
drim dream, X dreams Y English
drim-jey dream, X is a dream about Y compound
driq insist (imperative marker), X insists Y Dutch DRINGen
dum think, opine, X thinks Y Russian
dunya world, X is a world Hindi
duq East, X is east of Y Cantonese
duwa bless, X blesses Y Hindi
duwan customs, X is customs French
duwan-dom customs house, X is a customs house compound
dvor yard, X is a yard Russian
dwa must, have to, X must Y French dois
dwa-ben interest (financial), X is the interest on debt/loan Y compound
dwa-jey duty, X is a duty of Y compound
dwe two, X is a group of two Italian, etc.
dwe-bayn-ba biped, X is a biped compound
dwe-zem-xar February, X is a February compound
dwel live, in the sense of inhabit, X inhabits Y English dwell
dwey pile, heap, X is a pile of Y Mandarin
dwomo cathedral, X is a cathedral Italian
dyaw carve, X carves Y Mandarin
dyaw-jey carving, X is a carved object compound
dyelo affair, business, X is an affair Russian
dyelo-jin businessman, X is a businessman compound
dyen day (24 hrs), X is a day, period of 24 hrs. Russian
fal fall, X falls to Y English
fal-brela parachute, X is a parachute compound
fal-permi allow to fall, drop, X drops Y compound
fal-sma knock over, X knocks Y over compound
fal-zay drop, make fall, X drops Y compound
fala thank, be grateful to, X thanks Y Serbo-Croatian
falo follow, X follows Y English
falo-zim following letters, X is a following letter compound
famli family, X is a family of Y English
fan return, go back, X returns to Y Mandarin
fan revert, X reverts to Y Mandarin
fan-don return, give back, X returns Y compound
fan-gey return, go back. X goes back to Y compound
fan-kar answer (by action), respond, X responds to Y compound
fan-tal reply, answer, X answers Y compound
fanaw worry, X worries about Y Mandarin
fane ring, X is a ring Irish
fanraw bore, X bores Y Mandarin
fanraw-xen boredom, X is boredom compound
faq direction, X is a direction to Y Mandarin
far create, make, X makes Y Esperanto
far-ba product, manufactured item, X is a product/artefact compound
far-ba-dom factory, X is a factory for making Y (building) compound
far-ba-jay factory, X is a factory for making Y (place) compound
far-ba-kel trade show, X is a trade show about Y compound
faran dangerous, X is dangerous to Y Swedish
farina flour, X is flour Italian
farm farm, perform agriculture, X farms land Y English
farm-jay farm, X is a farm that produces Y compound
farm-xen agriculture, X is agriculture compound
farma Drug, pharmaceutical, X is a drug English PHARMAcy
farma-jin druggist, chemist, X is a druggist/pharmacist compound
farma-stal Pharmacy, drugstore, X is a pharmacy compound
fawl bird, X is a bird English fowl
fawl-hyun bird dog, X is a bird dog compound
fawl-sey flock of birds, X is a flock of birds compound
fay five, X is a group of five English FIve
fay-zem-xar May (Month), X is a May compound
fayl file (rasp), X files Y English
fayl-zer file (tool), X is a file compound
fayr fire, X is fire Eng
fayr-cari match (fire), X is a match compound
fayr-cari-koq matchbox, X is a matchbox compound
fayun garden (flower or vegetable), X is a garden of Y Cantonese
fel need, be lacking, X needs Y German fehl
felin cat, X is a cat English feline
femur thigh, X is a thigh of Esperanto
femur-gola femur, thighbone, X is a thighbone of Y compound
fen distribute, X distributes Y Mandarin
fen-don hand out, X hands Y out compound
fen-sma knock apart, X knocks Y apart compound
fenmu tomb, grave, X is a tomb of Y Mandarin
fenmu-dvor graveyard, X is a graveyard (in a yard) compound
fenmu-jay graveyard, X is a graveyard (in any area) compound
fero iron, X is iron Italian
fey can, be able, is able, X is able to Y German fahig
fey-xen ability, X is ability compound
fi if, in the counterfactual world that... Englishif backwards
fil child, offspring, son/daughter, X is an offspring of Y French fil
fili daughter, X is a daughter of Y from fil
filin cork, X is a cork Arabic
filin-srin-zer corkscrew, X is a corkscrew compound
film film, X is a film English
filo son, X is a son of Y from fil
fin finish, X finishes Y English etc.
fin-vey finish, expire, run out, X expires compound
finun vine, X is a vine Irish
fiq finger, X is a finger of Y English German
fiq-tsume fingernail, X is a fingernail of Y compound
fir fear, X fears Y English fear
fir-koy timid, fearful, X is fearful of Y compound
fir-kyo fearless, X is fearless of Y compound
flay fly, X flies to Y compound
flay-del wing, X is a wing of Y compound
flay-gaq airport, X is an airport compound
flay-gram airmail, X is airmail compound
flay-jin flier, pilot, X is a pilot compound
floy flea, X is a flea Yiddish
flun influence, X influences Y English inFLUeNce
fnar behind, X is behind Y reversal
fner enemy, X is an enemy of Y reversal
fnor back part, X is a back part of Y reversal
fnor-toli backpack, X is a backpack compound
fol -ful, is characterized by, X is characterized by Y German -voll
folya leaf (plant), X is a leaf of Y Italian
folyo page, X is a page of Y Esperanto
form form, shape, X is a form of Y English
form-zara morpheme, X is a morpheme of language Y compound
forme information, X is information about Y English
forno oven, X is an oven Esperanto
forno-jin baker, X is a baker of Y compound
forno-tso bake, X bakes Y compound
foyle filth, putrefaction, X is filth German
foyle-fol filthy, septic, X is filthy compound
foyle-sam antiseptic, X is antiseptic compound
fran in front of, X is in front of Y Tok Pisin
fran-zo France, French, X is french compound
fraq break, X breaks Y Latin FRANGo
fraq-vey break, X breaks, gets broken compound
fray fry, X fries Y English
frem foreign, X is foreign to Y German
fren friend, X is a friend of Y English FRIENd
fren-dir pet, (animal), X is a pet of Y compound
freno brake, X brakes Span.
freno-zer brakes, X is a brake compound
frer sibling, X is a sibling of Y French frere
freri sister, X is a sister of Y from frer
frero brother, X is a brother of Y from frer
frey fresh, X is fresh French
frika-zo Africa, X is Africa compound
froma cheese, X is cheese French FROMAge
fron front part, X is a front part of Y English FRONt
froy glad, happy, X is glad that Y German
fruliq Spring (season) X is spring German
fu after, also future tense particle, X is after Y English future
fu-co then, after that compound
fu-dia tomorrow, X is tomorrow (daylight) compound
fu-dyen tomorrow, X is tomorrow (24 hr pd) compound
fu-ke after compound
fulu capture, catch, X captures Y Mandarin
fulu-xin trap, X is a mechanical trap for Y compound
fulu-zer trap, X is a trap for Y compound
fulu-zer-tso trap, X traps Y (with a trap) compound
fum smoke, X is smoke French
fum-folya tobacco leaf, X is tobacco compound
fum-kana pipe, tobacco pipe, X is a pipe compound
fum-spir smoke, X smokes Y (like tobacco) compound
fum-veq tobacco, X is a tobacco plant compound
fun funny, comical, humorous, X is funny English FUNny
funeral funeral, X is a funeral English
fuq function, operate, work, X works, operates, functions English FUNction
fuq-zay operate, X operates Y compound
furmi ant, X is an ant French
fwa occurrence, X is an occurrence French
fwa time as an occurrence, X is a time, instance French
fwen fountain, X is a fountain Spanish FUENte
fwi many, a large amount, X is a large amount, number reversal of fyu
fye doable, X is doable by Y reversal
fyer stale, X is stale reversal
fyeril butterfly, X is a butterfly Swedish
fyor unhappy, X is unhappy about Y reversal
fyu few, a small amount, X is a small amount/number English few
fyul fuel, power, X fuels Y English
fyume river, X is a river Italian
galyo branch (tree, river, etc.,) X is a branch of Y Portuguese
galyo-gene branch as a river, X branches into Y compound
gam garment, clothing "gear", X is a garment English GArMent
gan earn, win, X wins Y, X earns Y Spanish
gaq port, harbor, X is a port Mandarin
gara agar, X is agar English agar respelled
gari car, conveyance, vehicle, X is a vehicle Hindi
garli garlic, X is garlic English GARLIc
gaw nine, X is a group of nine Cantonese
gaw-zem-xar September, X is a September compound
gay cover, lid, X is a lid of Y Turkish
ger different, other, X differs from Y Arabic
ger-zay change, make different, X changes Y compound
geril bacterium, X is a bacterium Icelandic
gey go, X goes to Y German Gehen
gi progressive particle, also means "while" English -InG
gin computer, X is a computer Hindi
giro cold, X is cold reversal
giro-koq refrigerator, X is a refrigerator compound
glon glass (drinking), X is a glass Irish
go I, me Latin ego
go-da we, exclusive compound
go-zi we, inclusive compound
gomen sorry, apologize, X apologizes to Y Japanese
gori hot, X is hot Macedonian gori (burn)
gori-plan-zay iron, X irons Y (flatten with heat) compound
gra greatly, Esp -eg, X is intense from gran
gram grammar, X is a grammar of language Y English
gram-vor grammar word, X is a grammar word of language Y compound
gran big, large, X is big French
grilo cricket, X is a cricket Italian
grin green, X is green English
grom thunder, X is thunder Russian
gulen act, behave, X behaves Scots
gulen behave, carry oneself, X behaves Scots
gulen-daw behavior, X is a behavior compound
gumen abbot, X is an abbot Russian igumen
gumen-jay abbey. X is an abbey compound
gwanli officer, X is an officer Mandarin
gwaq light, X is light (radiant) Mandarin
gwaq-birne light bulb, X is a light bulb compound
gwey rule, govern, X rules Y Mandarin
gwey-ceq capital (governing city), X is a capitay of YU compound
gwey-daw governing way, style, X is a way of governing compound
gwey-jin governor, ruler, X is a governor of Y compound
gwey-jin-sey government, X is a government of Y compound
gwin alcohol, X is alcohol Breton "wine"
gwomin allergic, X is allergic to Y Mandarin
ha if, in the possible world that... Hebrew
haluminum aluminum, X is aluminum English
hamer-zo America (hemisphere), X is America compound
hamino amino, X is an amino English
hamino-sire amino acid, X is an amino acid compound
hamonya ammonia, X is ammonia English
han one, X is a unit of one Korean
han-dwe-zem-xar December, X is a December compound
han-han-zem-xar November, X is a November compound
han-zem-xar January, X is a January compound
han-zoy-zem-xar October, X is an October compound
haqyayna angina, X is angina of organism Y English
har hair, X is hair of Y German
harqon argon (element), X is argon English
haw good, X is good Mandarin
haw-bam good night (greeting), X is a good night compound
haw-dia good day (greeting), X is a good day compound
haw-dum admire (think well of), X admires Y compound
haw-dum-xen admiration, X is admiration for Y compound
haw-fu-dia-cen good afternoon, X is a good afternoon compound
haw-kalay good morning, X is a good morning compound
haw-swar good evening, X is a good evening compound
haw-tali good luck, X is good luck compound
hay-fey possible, X is possible compound
haym country, -land, X is a country of people Y German heim
heq measure, X measures Y Mandarin
her god, X is a god German
hera goddess, X is a goddess German
hero god (male), X is a male god German
hey-ja-zo Asia, X is Asia compound
heyl to greet. Used for "Hello.", X greets Y English hail
heym home, X is a home of Y Esperanto
hila doctor, physician, X is a physician English healer
hila-tso doctor, treat, X medically treats Y compound
hira rent, hire, X rents Y Swedish
hlar lateral (phonetics), X is lateral English LAteRal
hon book, X is a book about Y Japanese
hoq red, X is red Mandarin
hu particle - what follows modifies what precedes. English Who
hurin urine, X is urine of organism Y English
hwa bad, X is bad reversal of haw
hwey draw, X draws Y (picture) Mandarin
hwey-jey drawing, X is a drawing of compound
hwey-jin draftsman, X is a draftsman compound
hyun dog, X is a dog Cantonese
hyuro-zo Europe, X is Europe compound
ja and/or a priori
jan know, X knows Y Hindi janna
jan-zay make aware, inform, X informs Y compound
jaq war, X is a war Hindi
jaq-jin warrior, X is a warrior compound
jaq-panya army, X is an army compound
jaq-tso attack, wage war on, X wages war on Y compound
jaw order, require, imperative marker, X orders Y Hindi jao
jay place, location, X is a place Hindi
je and a priori
jeleya jam, marmalade, X is a jam Portuguese
jene generate, produce, X produces Y English GENErate
jey stuff, -ajho, manifestation, X is a manifestation of Y English -age backwards
ji if and only if a priori
jin person (adult human), X is a person Japanese jin
jini woman, X is a woman Japanese jin
jino man, X is a man Japanese jin
jiq surprise, X surprises Y Mandarin
jiq-je but (conjunction) compound
jo whether or not a priori
jumla sentence, X is a sentence Arabic
jure anaconda, X is an anaconda Bororo
jurnal newspaper, X is a newspaper French
jurnal-tun newspaper cartoon. X is a newspaper cartoon compound
ka what (asks for identification) a priori
ka si how many  
kala fish, X is a fish Finnish
kalu closed, X is closed reversal
kalu-zay close, X closes Y compound
kalya alkali, X is an alkali Persian
kam job, work, X works on, with Y hindi
kamen mask, X is a mask Japanese kamen
kamo duck, X is a duck (bird) Japanese
kamo-paw-gey waddle (duck-walk) X waddles to Y compound
kana pipe, X is a pipe Portuguese
kaqar artichoke, X is an artichoke Persian
kara face, X is a face of Y Spanish
kara-har beard, X is a beard of Y compound
kaw therefore, because of that English CAUse
ke that (makes sentence into unit)  
kel show, production, as in a program, X is a show about Y Hindi
kerey acre, X is an acre English acre respelled
kern nucleus, kernel, X is the nucleus of Y Dutch
ki which (of group already identified) a priori
ki-jay where, X is where compound
kin gold, X is gold Japanese
kin-kolor golden, gold-colored, X is gold-colored compound
kin-skin gold skin, gilding, X is a gilding of Y compound
kin-skin-tso gild, X gilds Y compound
kin-xayn golden, gold-like, X is golden compound
kinar frontier, edge, X is an edge of Y Hindi
kino movie, film, X is a movie about German
kiq monarch, X is a monarch of Y English
kiq-zbani queen (king's consort), X is a queen of Y  
kiqi queen (reigning), X is a queen of Y  
kiqo king, X is a king of Y  
kiri left, X is to the left of Y Indonesian
kirwa aphic, X is an aphid Finnish
kiwi kiwi, X is a kiwi fruit English
klamo hard (firm), X is hard compound
klamo-bani cash, (hard money), X is cash compound
klamo-buma cardboard, X is cardboard compound
klamo-doqmay-kraq arteriosclerosis, X is arteriosclerosis of organism Y compound
ko to, towards, X is towards Y Russian
kolor colored, having color, X is colored Spanish
kom eat, X eats Y Spanish comer
kom-dwa hungry (must eat), X is hungry for Y  
kom-fel hungry (needing to eat), X is hungry for Y compound
kom-jey meal (amount of food), X is a meal compound
kom-koy hungry (inclined to eat), X is hungry for Y  
kom-ske meal, event of eating, X is a meal compound
kom-vol hungry (wanting to eat), X is hungry for Y  
komal soft, X is soft Hindi
komu communicate, X communicates Y English COMMUnicate
komu-jey communication, message, X is a communication that Y compound
koq box, X is a box of Y Mandarin
korno ear, X is an ear of Y Bengali
koy tend, be inclined to, love to, X tends to Y Japanese
kraq disease, X is a disease of organism Y German KRANk
kreyon pencil, X is a pencil French
ktinyum actinium, X is actinium English aCTINIUM
ku what kind of, X is what kind of Y a priori
kul all, X is all of Y Hindi
kula open, X is open Hindi
kula-zay open, X opens Y compound
kuni elbow, X is an elbow of Y Hindi
kuri cartilage, X is cartilage of Y Hindi
kwa because reversal
kwar four, X is a group of four English QUARter
kwar-zem-xar April, X is an April compound
kwila eagle, X is an eagle Latin aQUILA
kxama forgive, pardon, X forgives Y Hindi
kyam name, X is a name of Y Ital. Chiamo
kyan write, X writes Y Laotian
kyo tend not to, be averse to, dislike, X is averse to Y reversal of koy
kyoyo culture, common heritage, X is a culture of Y Japanese kyouyou
kyum document, X is a document English doCUMent
pa before, also past tense particle, X is before Y English past
pal eight, X is a group of eight Korean
pal-zem-xar August, X is an August compound
paliq eel, X is an eel Dutch
palo coat, X is a coat Russian
pam parent, X is a parent of Y English pa and ma
pami mother, X is a mother of Y English pa and ma
pamo father, X is a father of Y English pa and ma
panel-tun single-panel cartoon, X is a single-panel cartoon compound
pani water, X is water Hindi pani
pani-gari watercraft, X is a watercraft compound
pano over, above, X is above Y Greek for 'up'
panya company, X is a company of Y Interlingua comPANIA
para cattle, cow, X is a cow Hebrew
para-bin calf, X is a calf compound
paw foot, X is a foot of Y Hindi
paw-fiq toe, X is a toe of Y compound
paw-gam footwear, shoe, X is footwear compound
paw-swa kick, X kicks Y compound
payno heavy, X is heavy Finnish
pen pen, X is a writing pen Engl.
penwar robe, X is a robe French
peram ampere, X is an ampere English respelled
permi allow, permit, X permits Y English PERMIt
peyl bucket, X is a bucket/pail English
peyl-si bucketful, X is a bucketful of Y compound
peyn pain, X is a pain in Y English
peyn-dawa analgesic, pain killer, X is an analgesic compound
pi decimal point, period English PoInt
pi-fay half, point five, X is an amount of point five compound
pi-fay-vawl semivowel, X is a semivowel compound
pimre prohibit, X prohibits Y reversal
pinmo forget, X forgets Y reversal of pomni
pinya pineapple, X is a pineapple Spanish
plan flat, X is flat Romance
plan-sma slap, X slaps Y compound
plana flat thing, board-shaped thing, board, X is a board derived from plan
play imply, X implies Y Englishi mPLY
plin gas (state of matter), X is a gas Czech
ploy use, X uses Y English emPLOY
plu plus, +, X is in addition to Y English PLUs
po opposite prefix, X is the opposite of Y opPOsite
po-bley divided by, /, X is divided by Y - also "dal" compound
pol police, X is police English POLice
pom apple, X is an apple French
pome fruit, X is a fruit Friulian
pomni remember, X remembers Y Russ POMNIt
pona under, below, X is under Y reversal of pano
ponya light (weight), X is light reversal
porey leek, X is a leek French
pralin chocolate, X is chocolate Swedish
pralin-bwa-jey chocolate drink, X is a chocolate drink compound
pren take, X takes Y French PRENdre
pri pray, beg, X prays that Y French
punyo fist, X is a fist of Y Italian, Spanish
pwer child, boy/girl, X is a child Lat. puer
pweri girl, X is a girl from pwer
pwero boy, X is a boy from pwer
pyu slightly, Esp -et, X is slightly Y from pyun
pyu-bani change (small money), X is change compound
pyun small, little, X is small English
sa separator particle, separates modifier from modified a priori
sal year, X is a year Hindi
salon salon, gathering of people socially, X is a salon French , English
salon-cam parlor, living room, X is a parlor compound
sam oppose, prevent, X opposes Y Hindi
sami down, X us up from Y reversal of sima
sami-ko downwards, X is downwards in motion from Y compound
saq blood, X is blood of Y French
saq-sin-kraq anemia, (bloodless disease), X is anemia of organism Y compound
sen three zeroes German tauSENd
sene sense, be aware of, X senses Y English SENsE
sene-daq-dawa anesthetic, (drug that induces insensitivity) X is an anesthetic compound
sey group, -aro, X is a coherent group of Y Hindi SEna, army
seymey statement, declaration, X is a statement Japanese
seyqi justice, X is justice Japanese
seyqi-bay just, according to justice, X is just compound
sfer ball, sphere, X is a ball English
sfer sphere, ball, X is a ball English
sfer-pen ballpoint pen compound
shawu afternoon, X is an afternoon Mandarin
si quantifier marker a priori
silwer silver (element), X is silver English
silwer-kolor silver-colored, X is silver-colored compound
silwer-xayn silvery, resembling silver, X is silvery compound
sima up, X is up from Y Portuguese
sima-ko upwards, X is in motion up from Y compound
sima-suma altitude, X is an altitude from Y compound
sima-vey rise, go up, X rises to Y compound
sima-xin elevator, X is an elevator compound
sima-zay lift, raise, X lifts Y compound
sir head, X is a head of Y Hindi
sir-gam hat, headgear, X is a hat compound
sire acid, X is an acid Scandinavian
sire-kraq acidosis, X is acidosis of organism Y compound
ske happening, instance, event, X is an event of Y Danish
skenari arsenic (element), X is arsenic English arsenic respelled
skim plan, design, X plans Y English scheme
skin skin, X is skin of organism Y English
skul school, X is a school English
skul-bwan principal (of school), X is a principal of school Y compound
skul-dom school building, X is a school building compound
skul-tso school as a verb, to school s. one, X schools Y compound
sli at least, X is at least Y a priori
smer dead, X is dead Russian smert
sminu minus, -, X is lessened by Y English minus anagrammed
sol soldier, X is a soldier English SOLdier
sol-sey army, X is an army compound
sol-sey-gwanli army officer, X is an army officer compound
solo alone, X is alone English solo
solo-zmen-kraq autism, X is an autism of Y compound
sona-zo United States of America, X is the USA compound
sori shave, X shaves Y Japanese
sori-zer razor, shaver, X is a razor compound
sorwi alga, X is an alga Japanese
sper hope, X hopes Y French eSPERE
spirin aspirin, X is aspirin English aSPIRIN
spor sport, X is a sport English SPORt
spor-tso do sports, be an athlete compound
spor-tso-jin athlete, X is an athlete compound
spora spore, X is a spore of organism Y Italian
spriq jump. X jumps to Y English
spun spoon, X is a spoon English spoon
srem be alive, live, X lives reversal of smer
srin pull, X pulls Y Irish
sru against the underside of, X is against the underside of Y reversal of sur
sta to be located, X is located at Y Spanish eSTAr
stal shop, store, X is a shop that deals in Y Breton, English STALl
staq stick, X is a pole, stick Esperanto
stari old (of objects) , X is old Russian
statin astatine (element) X is astatine English
stilin acetylene, X is acetylene English aCeTYLENe
stir steer, X steers Y English
stira new, X is new reversal of stari
sto two zeroes Russian Sto
stone acetone, X is acetone English aCeTONE
stralya-zo Australia (continent), X is Australia compound
strayn-zo Australia (country), X is Australia compound
stri strip, long thin thing, X is a strip English STRIp
stri-tun comic strip, X is a comic strip compound
strom electricity, X is electricity Dutch
strom-be-fyul electric-powered. X is electric powered compound
stu sit, X sits on, at Y English STOOl
stum accustomed, used, X is accustomed to Y Spanish acoSTUMbrarse
stum-vey get used to, X gets used to Y compound
stum-zay accustom, X accustoms Y to something compound
sui self, reciprocal pronoun or prefix English SUIcide
sul south, X is south of Y Portuguese
sul-dalu-zo Antarctica, X is Antarctica compound
sul-hamer-zo South America, X is South America compound
suma amount, X is an amount of Y Russian
sur on, on top of, X is on Y French
swa hit, strike, X hits Y English SWAt
swal question, X is a question Arabic
swal-tso ask, put a question, X asks Y compound
swar evening, X is an evening French soir
tal speak, say, talk, X says Y English TALk
tali luck, X is luck Turkish
talon claw, talon, X is a talon of Y English
talu palate (mouth), X is a palate of Y Hindi
tam hold, support, X holds Y Hindi
tamu sweet, X is sweet Swahili
tamu-tayl dessert (sweet part), X is a dessert compound
taq hand, X is a hand of Y Indonesian TANGan
taq-ten hold (in hand), X holds Y compound
tari find, locate, X finds Y Quechua
tawl towel, X is a towel Eng
tayar ready, prepared, X is prepared for Y Hindi
tayl piece, X is a piece of Y (see 'del') German
taym time as a continuum, X is time English
te a, indefinite article a priori
teler dish, X is a dish German
telo hotel, X is a hotel English respelled
telo-del organ, body part, X is an organ of Y compound
tem about, concerning, X is about Y Esperanto TEMi
ten have, possess, X has Y Spanish tener
tiq hear, X hears Y Mandarin
tir pull, X pulls Y Romance
tira lose, misplace, X loses/misplaces Y reversal of tari
tlale atlatl, X is an atlatl Nahuatl
to the Greek to
toma atom, X is an atom of element Y English atom respelled
toma-kern atomic nucleus, X is the atomic nucleus of Y compound
tomo car, automobile, X is a car English auTOMObile
toq tub, bucket, container, X is a container Mandarin
tor write, compose, create, x composes Y auThOR
tri three, X is a group of three Russian
tri-zem-xar March (Month), X is a March compound
tron touch, X touches Y Russ TRONut'
tru true, X is true English
truyn nasal (phonetics), X is nasal, is a nasal sound Welsh
tsan tooth, X is a tooth of Y German
tsan-swa bite, X bites Y compound
tsi letter name ending, (bound morpheme) Mandarin zi
tso do, apply, Esp -umi, X does Y Mandarin dzuo
tsume nail (finger, toe), X is a nail of Y Japanese
tsuqe tongue, X is a tongue of Y German
tsuqe-tso lick, X licks Y compound
tun cartoon drawing, X is a cartoon English carTOON
tun-film animated cartoon, X is an animated cartoon compound
tun-kam cartoonist, X is a cartoonist compound
tuni cloth, X is a cloth Tami
tway late, X is late Samoan
twi container, X is a container for a group of Y French etui
tyaw early, X is early reversal of tway
vawl vowel, X is a vowel English
vayu air, X is air Hindi
vayu-sfer atmosphere, X is atmosphere of world Y compound
velo bicycle, X is a bicycle French
ven come, X comes from Y Romance
ven-zay attract, X attracts Y compound
veq vegetable, plant, X is a plant English VEGetable
vermu wormwood, X is wormwood German
vermu-gwin absinthe, X is absinthe (liquor) compound
vey become, begin to be, X becomes Y Mandarin wei
veyn vein, X is a vein of organism Y English
vilno unfree, constrained, X is unfree reversal
vin wine, X is wine Romance
vino guilty, X is guilty of Y Russ. VINOvat
vino-xen guilt, X is guilt of Y compound
vol want, desire to, X wants Y Romance
volni free, unconstrained, X is free Czech
voni innocent, X is innocent of Y reversal
voni-xen innocence, X is innocnese of Y compound
vor word, X is a word German VORt
vorm worm, X is a worm English
xam north, X is north of Y Persian
xam-hamer-zo North America, X is North America compound
xama lamp, X is a lamp Hindi
xar month, X is a month Arabic
xaw see, X sees Y German
xayn seem, look like, X seems, looks like Y German
xe suffix that turns a word into a sentence modifier a priori
xemi blouse, X is a blouse Fr CHEMIse
xemi shirt, X is a shirt Fr CHEMIse
xen -tion, makes noun from verb or adj English -tion
xey six, X is a group of six Russian SHEst
xey-zem-xar June, X is a June compound
xin machine, X is a machine English maCHINE
xiq apricot, X is an apricot Mandarin
xlen slow, X is slow reversal of xnel
xnel fast, rapid, X is fast Germ
xu turns following word into question a priori
xu-ke Turns statement into question compound
xum sound, noise, X is a noise russian
xum-zara phoneme, X is a phoneme compound
zam together, X is together German zuSAMmen
zara bit, particle, smallest unit, -eme, X is a particle of Y Hindi zarra
zay to cause, make, X causes Y English -ize backwards
zay-ba agent of change compound
zban spouse, X is a spouse of Y English huSBANd
zbani wife, X is a wife of Y  
zbano husband, X is a husband of Y  
ze greater than, plural number, X is greater than Y English 's
zem ordinal number suffix, -th Fr deuXiEM
zer tool, X is a tool for Y-ing English sciSSOR
zey sea, X is a sea Dutch
zey-jaq-jin sailor (navy), X is a sailor compound
zey-jaq-panya navy, X is a navy compound
zgan goose, X is a goose (bird) German Ganz respelled
zgan-bin gosling, X is a gosling compound
zi you German Sie
zi-da you, plural compound
zim letter (a, b, c, etc.), X is a letter Mandrin ZIMu
zina magazine (periodical), X is a magazine English magaZINe
zina-tun magazine cartoon, X is a magazine cartoon compound
ziq sing, X sings Y German
zir button, key, [to push with finger] Arabic
zir-plana keyboard, X is a keyboard compound
ziro young, X is young reversal of zori
zma apart, X is apart reversal of zam
zmen mind (mental), X is a mind of Y Latin mens respelled
zo proper name ending. turns a word into a name a priori
zori old, X is old Basque
zoy Zero, X is zero a priori
zraw easy, X is easy reversal
zwar difficult, hard, X is difficult Dutch


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