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Ceqli-English Glossary

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Languages: E-English, Eo-Esperanto, F-French, G-German,H-Hindi, J-Japanese, M-Mandarin, R-Russian, S-Spanish

Other: a priori-a word that isn't a borrowing, m of- is a modification of Ceqli word, rev- is a reversal of Ceqli word to form an opposite


bebol speak a language, v. X speaks language Y  
bedan contains, has inside, v. X contains Y  
bel beautiful, X is beautiful F
bi copula. is of identity. X is Y E
bia is one of, is an example of.
X is a Y.
biu includes. Opposite of bia.
The class of X includes Y.
ble ugly, X is ugly rev
bnana banana, X is a banana E
bo boss of something, X bosses, is a boss of, Y E BOss
bol language, X is a language spoken, used, by Y H
bu no, not. A negating particle or prefix M
bukaw if  
bwa drink, v. X drinks Y F BOIre
bwi if, in the counterfactual case that R
ca there (near person addressed) a priori
cari stick. X is a stick. H
cawal rice, X is rice H
ce pronoun that shows place in phrase of its referent. a priori
cem compared to, in comparison to. X is compared to Y. R
cen center, middle, X is the center of Y Italian
cenkomi lunch, midday meal. X is lunch  
ceq city. X is a city. M
ci here a priori
ciq invite. v. X invites Y. Forms normal imperative. M
co pronoun referring to what has just been said Glosa
corn black, X is black R
cu there (away from person addressed) a priori
cur steal, rob. v. X steals Y H
curjin thief. X is a thief  
cwa lead, go first, v., X leads, goes before, Y. Hokkien
cwaba leader, a thing that leads, X leads Y  
cwape leader, one who leads, X is a leader of Y  
cwaq bed, thing to sleep in, X is a bed for Y M
cwazim Ceqli letters BCDFGHJKPSTVZ, X is a cwazim  
da he, she, it, they, 3d person pronoun Loglan
da she, he, it. they, 3d. person pronoun Loglan
da it, she, he. they, 3d. person pronoun Loglan
da they, she, he, it. 3d. person pronoun Loglan
dali whether or not, conjunction Bulgarian
dan in, inside, v. X is inside Y F DANs
de from, v. X is from Y S
dey day, 24-hr period, X is a day E
do at the time of, also marks the present. v. X is at the time of Y. E do
dom house, X is a house for Y R, Latin
don give. v. X gives Y F DONner
dor door, X is a door of Y E
dorm sleep, v. X sleeps in or at Y F DORMir
dorm sleep. v. X sleeps in, at Y. F DORMir
dormho fall asleep, v. X falls asleep in Y  
drim dream, v. X dreams Y E
driq insist. v. X insists Y. Imperative form G
dulaw diphthong. X is a diphthong of language Y Ceqli du + G LAUt
dwa must. v. X must Y. F DOIS
dwel live in, inhabit, v.,X lives in Y E
fa make, cause, E -igi, v. Y makes Y to be Romance FAr
fal fall, v. X falls to Y E
fala thank, be grateful to. X thanks Y. Serbo-Croatian
falfa drop, let fall, v. X drops Y  
falo follow v., X follows Y E
falozim Ceqli letters AEIOU LMNQR WY, X is a falozim  
fawl bird, X is a bird E FOWL
fayr fire. X is a fire burning Y. E
fayrcari match, (for making fire). X is a match  
fe particle that welds object to verb. A type of hyphen E hyPHEn
felin cat, X is a cat E feline
fey can, be able. v. X is able to Y G FĂ„hig
fil offspring, son or daughter. X is an offspring of Y. Eo FILo
fili daughther. X is a daughter of Y. m of fil
filo son. X is a son of Y. m of fil
fio if and only if, a conjunction E IF Only
fish kala. X is a fish Finnish, Estonian
fo need, v. X needs Y F FAUt
frer sibling. X is a sibling of Y. F FRERE
freri sister. X is a sister of Y. m of frer
frero brother. X is a brother of Y. m of frer
fu after, also marks the future. v. X is after Y. E FUture
fudey tomorrow, X is tomorrow  
fuq function, operate, v. X functions, does its job E FUNction
fuqfa operate, cause to operate. v. X operates device Y.  
ga augmentive, prefix for more intense version, X is an augmentive of Y S GrAnde
gakay and, connects two sentences or phrases  
gam garment, item of clothing. X is a garment for or of Y. E GArMent
gan get, gain, aquire, v. X gets Y S GANar
gi progressive particle, makes verb continuous. E -InG
gnar small, little. X is littleq rev
go I, me, 1st person pronoun Latin eGO
goda we, not including you  
gomen sorry, sorrow. v. X is sorry about Y. J
gozi we, including you  
gram grammar, X is a grammar of Y E GRAMmar
gramvor grammar word, structure word, X is a grammar word  
gran big, large. X is large S GRANde
gu suffix meaning group, like Eo -aro, X is a group of Y E GrOUp
ha if, in the possible case that, conjunction Hungarian
haltsi Ceqli letter L  
hamerizo American E AMERIca
hamerizohaym America  
hamerizope American person  
han one, 1, number Korean
hanfa unite, make one, v. X unites Y  
hanho unite, become one, v., X unites (itself)  
har hair. X is a hair of organism Y. G
hatsi Ceqli letter A  
hawtsi Ceqli letter W  
hay yes, is true, is so. X is so. J
haytsi Ceqli letter Y  
hemtsi Ceqli letter M  
heqlizo English E ENGLIsh
heqlizobol English language  
heqlizohaym England  
heqlizojin English person  
hetsi Ceqli letter E  
hintsi Ceqli letter N  
hitsi Ceqli letter I  
hlar lateral sound. X is a lateral sound of language Y E LAteRaL
ho become, turn into, Eo -i i, X becomes Y H
hon book. X is a book about Y. J
hongu library, collection of books. X is a library of books Y.  
hontor write books. v. X writes book Y.  
hoq red, X is red M
hoqtsi Ceqli letter Q  
hotsi Ceqli letter O  
hrusizo Russian R RUS
hrusizobol Russian language  
hrusizohaym Russia  
hu particle showing that what follows modifies previous. E WHO
hun hunt (for prey). v. X hunts Y. E HUNt
hurtsi Ceqli letter R  
hutsi Ceqli letter U  
hyun dog, X is a dog Cantonese
ja go, v. X goes to Y H
jan know, v. X knows Y H
janzo John E JOHN
japanzo Japanese  
japanzobol Japanese language  
japanzohaym Japan  
jaw Order, give order to. X orders Y. Abrupt imperative H
jin person, human being, X is a person J
jini woman, X is a woman from jin
jino man, X is a man, male human being from jin
kalahun fish, fish for. v. X fishes for fish Y.  
kam work, v. X works on Y H
kamo job, work, employment. X is Y's job. m of kam
kara face. X is a face of Y S
karahar beard, X is a beard of Y.  
karn meat, X is meat of organism Y S CARNe
kaw and/or, a conjunction Eo
kay and, conj. Eo
kayn cow/bull, head of cattle. X is a head of cattle E KINE
kayni cow, X is a cow from kayn
kayno bull, X is a bull from kayn
kia what kind of Eo
kino movie, film. X is a movie about Y. G
kiq monarch, X is a monarch of country Y E KING
kiqi queen (reigning), X is queen of country Y from kiq
kiqo king, X is king of country Y from kiq
kiu which one of Eo
ko to, toward. X is toward Y R
kom eat, v. X eats Y S COMer
komi meal, prepared food. X is a meal mod of kom
komxo food, X is food of or for Y  
ku hit, strike. v. X hits Y. F COUP
kwa what, what thing F QUOI
kwal equals, is equal to, v. X equals Y E eQUAL
kwi who, what person m of kwa
kyer like, v. X likes Y. S QUIERo
pa before, also marks the past,
v. X is before Y.
E PAst
padey yesterday, X is yesterday  
pam parent, X is a parent of Y E PA Ma
pami mother, X is a mother of Y from pam
pamo father, X is a father of Y from pam
pan bread, X is bread S PAN
pani water, X is water H
paw foot. X is a foot of Y. H
pawgam shoe. X is a shoe  
pazban Ex-spouse, former spouse  
pi diminutive, prefix for less intense version. X is a diminutive of Y Italian PIccolo
pikay and, connects two words only  
plui plus + , mathematical symbol E PLUs
po opposite, v. X is the opposite of Y. Also prefix. Eo mal- E opPOsite
pogan lose, stop having. v. X loses Y  
pol police. X is police E POLice
poljin police officer. X is a police officer  
pom apple. X is an apple F
poy decimal point, period, X is a decimal point E POInt
poyfayvawl semi-vowel, X is a semi-vowel of language Y  
pren understand, v. X understands Y fr comPRENdre
pri beg. v. X begs Y. F
proy morning. X is morning of day Y Greek
proykomi breakfast. X is a breakfast  
pwer boy or girl, young, child. X is a young Y. Latin
pweri girl, non-adult female. X is a girl m of pwer
pwero boy, non-adult male. X is a boy m of pwer
sa separator particle, keeps words from forming compounds a priori
si particle indicating a quantifier. a priori
sirgam hat, headgear. X is a hat.  
smer dead, be dead, X is dead R SMERt
smerfa kill, v. X kills Y  
smerho die, become dead, v. X dies  
sper hope, v. X hopes Y F eSPERe
spi spite, despite, in spite of. X is in spite of Y. E SPIte
spir breathe. v. X breathes Y. E reSPIRe
spun spoon, X is a spoon for Y E
srem live, be alive. X is alive rev of smer
sta located, be located in a standard manner, v. X is located at Y S eSTA
stan country, nation, state H
stani subdivision of a state or country Modification of stan
staq pole, pillar. X is a pole G STANGe
stu sit, X sits on Y. E STOOl
stuho sit down, become sitting. X sits down on Y.  
sur on, on top of. v. X is on top of Y. F
swar evening, X is an evening of day Y F SOIR
swarkomi dinner, supper, evening meal. X is a dinner for Y  
tal talk, v. X talks to Y E TALk
tayar ready, X is ready for Y H
tayarfa prepare, get something ready, X gets Y ready  
tayarho ready, get ready, X gets ready for Y  
te A, an, article a priori
tem about, to be about. v. X is about Y. Eo TEMi
ten have, possess, v. X has Y S TENer
tiq hear, v. X hears Y M
to The, article Greek
tomo automobile, car. X is a car. E auTOMObile
tomozu drive, operate a car. v. X drives Y  
tor create, write, make. X creates artwork Y. E auThOR
truyn nasal vowel, X is a nasal vowel of language Y  
tsan tooth. X is a tooth of Y G
tsanku bite. v. X bites Y.  
tsaw grass, X is grass M
tsi Letter name suffix M
vawl vowel, X is a vowel of language Y E
ven come, v. X comes from Y S VENir
vor word, X is a word of language Y G VORt
xaw see, v. X sees Y G SCHAUen
xayn seem, appear. v. X appears, looks like, Y. G SCHEINen
xe adverbial suffix, modifies a sentence or phrase a priori
xlen slow. X is slow rev
xnel fast, rapid. X is fast. G SCHNELL
xo stuff, Eo -a o G StOff
xwa choose, pick from, decide, v., X chooses Y F
xwan ship (vehicle), X is a ship M
xwanbo ship captain, X is captain of ship Y  
zban spouse, X is a spouse of Y E huSBANd
zbani wife, X is a wife of Y from zban
zbano husband, X is a husband of Y from zban
zi you, 2d person pronoun G SIE
zim letter (of alphabet), X is a letter. M
zim letter (character), X is a letter M
zimgu alphabet, X is an alphabet of language Y  
ziq sing, v. X sings Y G SINGen
zu use, employ, v., X uses Y E USe


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