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Morpheme Shape

Page history last edited by Rex May 3 years, 2 months ago

Morpheme Shape


All Ceqli morphemes are in the shape nCnF, that is, one or more cwazim followed by one or more falozim (see The Alphabet and Sounds for the definition of consonants and vowels). Examples:


haw - good CFF

sta - to be located CCF

grin - green CFFF


This morpheme-shape effectuates "Self-segregting morphology" (SSM), that is, in any string of Ceqli, it is possible to tell where all the morphemes begin and end.


The morpheme shape CV, or one cwazim followed by one vawl, is reserved for grammar words (gramvor). That is, one one consonant followed by one vowel.


to - the

kwa -what

dja - go




A beginning cwazim signifies the beginning of a morpheme. A falozim followed by a cwazim signifies the end of a morpheme. So the sentence is clearly broken down into:


to felin dwel to grin sa dom


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