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han - one

dwe - two

tri - three

kwar - four

fay - five

xey - six

cil - seven

pal - eight

gaw - nine

zoy - zero

sto - two zeroes — 00

sen - three zeroes — 000


Numbers are read digit by digit:


han zoy - 10

han dwe gaw - 129

xey sto - 600

du sto xey - 2007

pal sen - 8000

cil sen sen - 7,000,000


ze is a special numeral, that means "more than."


Go ten ze dwe si dolar.  I have more than two dollars.


If there is no other number following it, han, or "one," is assumed.


Go ten ze han hyun. = Go ten ze hyun.

I have more than (one) dog.

Hence, ze is how we make plurals when we need them.


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