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3P - third-person pronoun, LP - letter pronoun (refers to last referent that begins with the same letter), NE - name ending, PAP - progressive aspect particle, RP - reversal particle (switches place of subject and object), RSP - reverse separation particle, SP - separation particle

do paba, snoy pweri gi pawja hu via tori.

at-time-of some-past-thing young girl PAP foot-go RSP according-to street

Once a young girl was walking along a street.


da ten hoq sa har, kay begarm cinzo.

3P have red SP hair, and RP-clothing Chinese

She had red hair and was wearing Chinese clothing.


baran hay, kay to pweri bu xayn froy —

rain exist, and the girl not seem happy —

It was raining, and the girl didn't seem happy —


peu dyar, kay befalo gaga sa xoqmaw!

LP wet, and RP-follow very-big SP panda!

She was wet, and was followed by an enormoust panda!


gi bli, xoqmaw pelho to pweri! jiqkay peu bu beharm —

during instant, panda fight-start the girl, surprise-and LP not RP-harm —

Suddenly, the panda attacked the girl, but she wasn't harmed —


poke peu fanpelho to di,

opposite-that LP return-fight-start the animal,

On the contrary, she counterattacked the animal,


kay da kuldu pel kay pel, poynku kay pawku.

and 3P all-two fight and fight, fist-hit and foot-hit

and both fought and fought, punching and kicking.


fu pocaq taym, da stoy pel, kay gen sa pawjaho....

after opposite-long time, 3P stop fight, and again SP foot-go-start....

After a short time, they stopped fighting, and again started walking.


gersta, sta seym ceq, tendozo sonzo gi xaw pibarwa hu xoqmaw darlun.

other-located, located same city, Tendo-NEe Son-NE PAP small-letter RP panda picture.

Elsewhere in the same city, Tendo Soun was looking at a postcard with a picture of a panda on it.


da venfa dasa ze fili —

3P come-cause 3d-person SP plural daughter —

He called his daughters —


"kasumizo! snabikizo! hakanezo!"

Kasumi-NE! Nabiki-NE! Akane-NE!

"Kasumi! Nabiki! Akane!"



da tri ven, kay dasa pamo bol:

3P three come, and SP father speak:

The three came, and their father said:"


"go pipa bey pibarwa sali han go sa coqtaym fren.

I small-past receive small-letter from one I SP long-time friend.

"I just received a post card from one of my old friends.


feu kay feu sa filo ven dodey! —

LP and LP SP son come now-day! —

He and his son are coming today! —


feu bekyam saotomezo genmazo, kay to filo bekyam sranmazo."

LP RP-name Saotome-NE Genma-name, and the son RP-name Ranma-NE.

His name is Saotome Genma, and the son's name is Ranma."


kasumizo deman, "kwa kaw da ven?"

Kasumi-NE ask, "What cause 3P come?"

Kasumi asked, "Why are they coming?"


sonzo fanbol, "genmazo kay geu sa filo bi domin hu peldawxu —

Soun-NE return-speak, "Genma-NE and LP SP son is master RP fight-way-art —

Soun answered, "Genma and his son are masters of martial arts —


goda tsil ke sranmazo kay han zi tri fu zbanho

I-3P intend that Ranma-NE and one you three future spouse-start

We intend that Ranma and one of you three will get married


kay bafu ho bo hu tendozo peldawxuskul."

and something-after become boss RP Tendo-NE fight-way-art-school!"

and eventually take over the Tendo School of Martial Arts."


to tri pweri begajiq! peu za plen, jiqkay peu bru sa tiq xum.

the three girl RP-big-surprise! LP start complain, surprise-and LP sudden SP hear noise.

The three girls were astounded, and started to complain, but suddenly they heard a noise.


kasumizo bol, "pamozo! gozi befaqwen!"

Kasumi-NE say, "Father-NE! I-you RP-visit!

Kasumi said, "Fahter! We have a visitor!"


sonzo kay snabikizo ja dor.

Soun-NE and Nabiki-NE go door.

Soun and Nabiki went to the door.


bru sa danho gaga sa xoqmaw hu ber pweri sur spala!

sudden SP in-start very-big SP panda RSP carry girl on shoulder

Suddenly a huge panda entered, carrying a girl on his shoulder!



pweri gi gaxum sa plen, kay xoqmaw posli grom.

girl PAP big-noise SP complain, and panda opposite-at-least growl.

The girl was complaining loudly, but the panda just grunted.


tendozo famli begajiq sa xaw to du.

Tendo-NE family RP-big-surprise SP see the two.

The Tendo family looked in astonishment at the two.


to balu (xoqmaw bi balu) pawstafa pweri samne sonzo kay to tri pweri.

the bear (panda be bear) foot-located-cause girl in-front-of Soun-NE and the three girl.

The bear (pandas are bears) stood the girl in front of Soun and the three girls.


sonzo preyja to pweri kay bol, "kyu zi...kyu hayfey...zi bi sranmazo?"

Soun-NE near-go the girl and say, "question you...question exist-can...you is Ranma-name?"

Soun approaced the girl and said, "Could you...could it be...you're Ranma?"


pweri xayn xeymten. da bol, "hay... go bekyam sranmazo.. gomen!"

girl seem shame-have. 3P say, "yes... I RP-name Ranma-NE.. Sorry!

The girl seemed ashamed. She said, "Yes... My name is Ranma.. Sorry!"


sonzo joyho. Fu coq sa jam, seu sa fufilzbano cista!

Soun-NE happy-become. After long SP wait, LP SP future-offspring-husband here-is-located.

Soun was delighted. After a long wait, his future son-in law was here!


seu jeluja, kay silno sa brajim sranmazo, prey sa srin pweri

LP forward-go, and strong SP arm-squeeze Ranma-NE, near SP pull girl.

He stepped forward and hugged Ranma tightly, pulling the girl close.


jinghi ba bu haw. sranma sa sina komal! — tro sa komal!

surprise-and something not good. Ranma-SP chest soft — too SP soft!

But something was not right. Ranma's chest was soft — too soft!"



sounzo juleja. seu fiqrzu culo pweri sa sina.

Soun-NE back-go. LP finger-use perceive girl SP chest.

Soun stepped back. He poked the girl's chest with his finger.


ciba bi bukayn pwero, sonzo dum — jiqkay pweri!

here-thing be no-kind-of boy, Soun-NP think — surprise-and girl!

This isn't any kind of boy, Soun thought — but a girl!"


da skrim kay somniho.

3P scream and unconscious-become.

He screamed and passed out.




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bafu - later, at some future time

balu - bear

baran - rain

barwa - letter (note)

befaqwen - to be visited

begajiq - to be astonished

begarm - to wear, be dressed in

beharm - to be harmed

bejiq - to be surprised

bekyam - to be named, called

bey - receive

bo - boss, leader

bol - speak, say, language

bru - abrupt

caq - long

ceq - city

cinzo - Chinese

coqtaym - long-time

dan - in

danho - enter

darlun - picture

deman - to ask

dodey - today

domin - master

dray - dry

du - two

dyar - wet

faqwen - to visit

fan - return, in return

fanbol - to answer

fanpelho - counterattack

fil - offspring, son or daughter

fili - daughter

filo - son

fren - friend

froy - happy

ga - big, large, intense

gaga - enormous, huge

gagil -old

gajiq - to astonish, amaze

gaxum - loud, loudly

gen - again, anew

ger - other, not the same

gersta - elsewhere

gil - age

gomen - to be sorry

grom - to grunt

han - one

harm - harm

garm - garment, clothing

har - hair

hay - is, exists, yes

hayfey - maybe, perhaps, could be

hoq - red

jiq - surprise

jiqkay - but

joq - war

joqdaw - the way of war

joqdawxu - martial arts

joqdawxuskul - martial arts school, dojo

kaw - cause, be the reason for

ku - hit, strike

kwa - what

kyam - name

kyu - question particle. Makes what follows a question.

pam - parent

pami - mother

pamo - father

paw - foot

pawja - to walk

pawku - to kick

pawsta - to stand

pawstafa - to stand (someone or something)

pel - fight

pelho - attack, begin fighting

peu - a pronoun that refers to the last word beginning with P

pibarwa - post card

pigil - young

pipa - just, in the immediate past

plen - complain

pocaq - short

posli - only, at most

poyn - fist

poynku - punch

prey - near, close to

preyja - to go near, approach

pweri - girl

sali - to leave, from

samne - in front of

seym - same

skul - school

spala - shoulder

stoy - stop

tiq - to hear

tori -street

tsil - intend

ven - to come

venfa - to call, summon

via - along, according to

xaw - see, look at

xayn - seem, to look as though

xeym - shame

xeymten - ashamed

xoqmaw - panda

xu - art

xum - noise

zban - spouse

zbanho - to marry

zbani - wife

zbano - husband



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