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Three Kinds of Words

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 11 months ago

Three Kinds of Words


Ceqli has three kinds of words:


1. Content words (CW)

2. Grammar words (GW)

3. Name words (NW)



CW's are the "meaning" words — fish, run, elbow, blue, in, rapidly — that convey actual images and significance.

GW's are the "organizing" words — the, I, you, and — that show the relationship of CW's

NW's are words that refer to specific individuals — John, France, the Mississipi, the Milky Way.


CW's have the basic morpheme shape nCnV, but a subset of those possible shapes, CFF, is reserved for GW's.

"F" here stands for the classical vowels aeiouyw, and does not include the lmnqr. Thus, possible GW's in Ceqli include:


ko, ba, tay, fio, xoy, jaw


NW's have the shape nCnV"zo/z," — that is, any nCnv followed by "zo" or "z," where the comma stands for a pause.


For example, the Ceqli word "djan" means "to know", but add "zo" or "z," and the word become the name "John".


go djan. I know

go djan djanzo. (or, go djan djanz,.) I know John.


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