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The Tutlaq Alphabet:




B as in Boy

C as in CHin

D as in DuD

F as in FluFF

G as in Good

H as in Hat or German naCHt

J as in John, Gem

K as in KinK

L as in LuLL

M as in MiM

N as in NooN

P as in PiP

Q as in siNG

R as in RoaR

S as in So

T as in ToT

V as in Victory

X as in SHoe

Z as in Zoo




A as in fAther

E as in bEt

I as in machIne or bIt

O as in bOAt

U as in bOOt or fOOt

Y as in bUg, mOther, a schwa


W is neither a vowel or a consonant, and is used only in foreign words to indicate non-Tutlaq sounds.


The vowels I and U make diphthongs when juxtaposed with other vowels:


AI - as in bIte

AU - as in nOW

EI - as in lAte

OI - as in bOIl


In words with two syllables, the accent falls on the last syllable. In words of three or four syllables, the primary stress is on the last, and secondary on the first:


famil - fa-MIL

telijen - te-li-JEN

kaliforen - ka-li-fo-REN

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