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English-Ceqli Glossary

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Languages: E-English, Eo-Esperanto, F-French, G-German,H-Hindi, J-Japanese, M-Mandarin, R-Russian, S-Spanish

Other: a priori-a word that isn't a borrowing, m of- is a modification of Ceqli word, rev- is a reversal of Ceqli word to form an opposite


A, an, article te a priori
about, to be about. v. X is about Y. tem Eo TEMi
adverbial suffix, modifies a sentence or phrase xe a priori
after, also marks the future. v. X is after Y. fu E FUture
alphabet, X is an alphabet of language Y zimgu  
America hamerizohaym  
American hamerizo E AMERIca
American person hamerizope  
and, conj. kay Eo
and, connects two sentences or phrases gakay  
and, connects two words only pikay  
and/or, a conjunction kaw Eo
apple. X is an apple pom F
at the time of, also marks the present. v. X is at the time of Y. do E do
augmentive, prefix for more intense version, X is an augmentive of Y ga S GrAnde
automobile, car. X is a car. tomo E auTOMObile
banana, X is a banana bnana E
beard, X is a beard of Y. karahar  
beautiful, X is beautiful bel F
become, turn into, Eo -i i, X becomes Y ho H
bed, thing to sleep in, X is a bed for Y cwaq M
before, also marks the past,
v. X is before Y.
pa E PAst
beg. v. X begs Y. pri F
big, large. X is large gran S GRANde
bird, X is a bird fawl E FOWL
bite. v. X bites Y. tsanku  
black, X is black corn R
book. X is a book about Y. hon J
boss of something, X bosses, is a boss of, Y bo E BOss
boy or girl, young, child. X is a young Y. pwer Latin
boy, non-adult male. X is a boy pwero m of pwer
bread, X is bread pan S PAN
breakfast. X is a breakfast proykomi  
breathe. v. X breathes Y. spir E reSPIRe
brother. X is a brother of Y. frero m of frer
bull, X is a bull kayno from kayn
can, be able. v. X is able to Y fey G FĂ„hig
cat, X is a cat felin E feline
center, middle, X is the center of Y cen Italian
Ceqli letter A hatsi  
Ceqli letter E hetsi  
Ceqli letter I hitsi  
Ceqli letter L haltsi  
Ceqli letter M hemtsi  
Ceqli letter N hintsi  
Ceqli letter O hotsi  
Ceqli letter Q hoqtsi  
Ceqli letter R hurtsi  
Ceqli letter U hutsi  
Ceqli letter W hawtsi  
Ceqli letter Y haytsi  
Ceqli letters AEIOU LMNQR WY, X is a falozim falozim  
Ceqli letters BCDFGHJKPSTVZ, X is a cwazim cwazim  
choose, pick from, decide, v., X chooses Y xwa F
city. X is a city. ceq M
come, v. X comes from Y ven S VENir
compared to, in comparison to. X is compared to Y. cem R
contains, has inside, v. X contains Y bedan  
copula. is of identity. X is Y bi E
country, nation, state stan H
cow, X is a cow kayni from kayn
cow/bull, head of cattle. X is a head of cattle kayn E KINE
create, write, make. X creates artwork Y. tor E auThOR
daughther. X is a daughter of Y. fili m of fil
day, 24-hr period, X is a day dey E
dead, be dead, X is dead smer R SMERt
decimal point, period, X is a decimal point poy E POInt
die, become dead, v. X dies smerho  
diminutive, prefix for less intense version. X is a diminutive of Y pi Italian PIccolo
dinner, supper, evening meal. X is a dinner for Y swarkomi  
diphthong. X is a diphthong of language Y dulaw Ceqli du + G LAUt
dog, X is a dog hyun Cantonese
door, X is a door of Y dor E
dream, v. X dreams Y drim E
drink, v. X drinks Y bwa F BOIre
drive, operate a car. v. X drives Y tomozu  
drop, let fall, v. X drops Y falfa  
eat, v. X eats Y kom S COMer
England heqlizohaym  
English heqlizo E ENGLIsh
English language heqlizobol  
English person heqlizojin  
equals, is equal to, v. X equals Y kwal E eQUAL
evening, X is an evening of day Y swar F SOIR
Ex-spouse, former spouse pazban  
face. X is a face of Y kara S
fall asleep, v. X falls asleep in Y dormho  
fall, v. X falls to Y fal E
fast, rapid. X is fast. xnel G SCHNELL
father, X is a father of Y pamo from pam
fire. X is a fire burning Y. fayr E
fish, fish for. v. X fishes for fish Y. kalahun  
follow v., X follows Y falo E
food, X is food of or for Y komxo  
foot. X is a foot of Y. paw H
from, v. X is from Y de S
function, operate, v. X functions, does its job fuq E FUNction
garment, item of clothing. X is a garment for or of Y. gam E GArMent
get, gain, aquire, v. X gets Y gan S GANar
girl, non-adult female. X is a girl pweri m of pwer
give. v. X gives Y don F DONner
go, v. X goes to Y ja H
grammar word, structure word, X is a grammar word gramvor  
grammar, X is a grammar of Y gram E GRAMmar
grass, X is grass tsaw M
hair. X is a hair of organism Y. har G
hat, headgear. X is a hat. sirgam  
have, possess, v. X has Y ten S TENer
he, she, it, they, 3d person pronoun da Loglan
hear, v. X hears Y tiq M
here ci a priori
hit, strike. v. X hits Y. ku F COUP
hope, v. X hopes Y sper F eSPERe
house, X is a house for Y dom R, Latin
hunt (for prey). v. X hunts Y. hun E HUNt
husband, X is a husband of Y zbano from zban
I, me, 1st person pronoun go Latin eGO
if bukaw  
if and only if, a conjunction fio E IF Only
if, in the counterfactual case that bwi R
if, in the possible case that, conjunction ha Hungarian
in, inside, v. X is inside Y dan F DANs
includes. Opposite of bia.
The class of X includes Y.
biu Loglan
insist. v. X insists Y. Imperative form driq G
invite. v. X invites Y. Forms normal imperative. ciq M
is one of, is an example of.
X is a Y.
bia Loglan
it, she, he. they, 3d. person pronoun da Loglan
Japan japanzohaym  
Japanese japanzo  
Japanese language japanzobol  
job, work, employment. X is Y's job. kamo m of kam
John janzo E JOHN
kala. X is a fish fish Finnish, Estonian
kill, v. X kills Y smerfa  
king, X is king of country Y kiqo from kiq
know, v. X knows Y jan H
language, X is a language spoken, used, by Y bol H
lateral sound. X is a lateral sound of language Y hlar E LAteRaL
lead, go first, v., X leads, goes before, Y. cwa Hokkien
leader, a thing that leads, X leads Y cwaba  
leader, one who leads, X is a leader of Y cwape  
letter (character), X is a letter zim M
letter (of alphabet), X is a letter. zim M
Letter name suffix tsi M
library, collection of books. X is a library of books Y. hongu  
like, v. X likes Y. kyer S QUIERo
live in, inhabit, v.,X lives in Y dwel E
live, be alive. X is alive srem rev of smer
located, be located in a standard manner, v. X is located at Y sta S eSTA
lose, stop having. v. X loses Y pogan  
lunch, midday meal. X is lunch cenkomi  
make, cause, E -igi, v. Y makes Y to be fa Romance FAr
man, X is a man, male human being jino from jin
match, (for making fire). X is a match fayrcari  
meal, prepared food. X is a meal komi mod of kom
meat, X is meat of organism Y karn S CARNe
monarch, X is a monarch of country Y kiq E KING
morning. X is morning of day Y proy Greek
mother, X is a mother of Y pami from pam
movie, film. X is a movie about Y. kino G
must. v. X must Y. dwa F DOIS
nasal vowel, X is a nasal vowel of language Y truyn  
need, v. X needs Y fo F FAUt
no, not. A negating particle or prefix bu M
offspring, son or daughter. X is an offspring of Y. fil Eo FILo
on, on top of. v. X is on top of Y. sur F
one, 1, number han Korean
operate, cause to operate. v. X operates device Y. fuqfa  
opposite, v. X is the opposite of Y. Also prefix. Eo mal- po E opPOsite
Order, give order to. X orders Y. Abrupt imperative jaw H
parent, X is a parent of Y pam E PA Ma
particle indicating a quantifier. si a priori
particle showing that what follows modifies previous. hu E WHO
particle that welds object to verb. A type of hyphen fe E hyPHEn
person, human being, X is a person jin J
plus + , mathematical symbol plui E PLUs
pole, pillar. X is a pole staq G STANGe
police officer. X is a police officer poljin  
police. X is police pol E POLice
prepare, get something ready, X gets Y ready tayarfa  
progressive particle, makes verb continuous. gi E -InG
pronoun referring to what has just been said co Glosa
pronoun that shows place in phrase of its referent. ce a priori
queen (reigning), X is queen of country Y kiqi from kiq
ready, get ready, X gets ready for Y tayarho  
ready, X is ready for Y tayar H
red, X is red hoq M
rice, X is rice cawal H
Russia hrusizohaym  
Russian hrusizo R RUS
Russian language hrusizobol  
see, v. X sees Y xaw G SCHAUen
seem, appear. v. X appears, looks like, Y. xayn G SCHEINen
semi-vowel, X is a semi-vowel of language Y poyfayvawl  
separator particle, keeps words from forming compounds sa a priori
she, he, it. they, 3d. person pronoun da Loglan
ship (vehicle), X is a ship xwan M
ship captain, X is captain of ship Y xwanbo  
shoe. X is a shoe pawgam  
sibling. X is a sibling of Y. frer F FRERE
sing, v. X sings Y ziq G SINGen
sister. X is a sister of Y. freri m of frer
sit down, become sitting. X sits down on Y. stuho  
sit, X sits on Y. stu E STOOl
sleep, v. X sleeps in or at Y dorm F DORMir
sleep. v. X sleeps in, at Y. dorm F DORMir
slow. X is slow xlen rev
small, little. X is littleq gnar rev
son. X is a son of Y. filo m of fil
sorry, sorrow. v. X is sorry about Y. gomen J
speak a language, v. X speaks language Y bebol  
spite, despite, in spite of. X is in spite of Y. spi E SPIte
spoon, X is a spoon for Y spun E
spouse, X is a spouse of Y zban E huSBANd
steal, rob. v. X steals Y cur H
stick. X is a stick. cari H
stuff, Eo -a o xo G StOff
subdivision of a state or country stani Modification of stan
suffix meaning group, like Eo -aro, X is a group of Y gu E GrOUp
talk, v. X talks to Y tal E TALk
thank, be grateful to. X thanks Y. fala Serbo-Croatian
The, article to Greek
there (away from person addressed) cu a priori
there (near person addressed) ca a priori
they, she, he, it. 3d. person pronoun da Loglan
thief. X is a thief curjin  
to, toward. X is toward Y ko R
tomorrow, X is tomorrow fudey  
tooth. X is a tooth of Y tsan G
ugly, X is ugly ble rev
understand, v. X understands Y pren fr comPRENdre
unite, become one, v., X unites (itself) hanho  
unite, make one, v. X unites Y hanfa  
use, employ, v., X uses Y zu E USe
vowel, X is a vowel of language Y vawl E
water, X is water pani H
we, including you gozi  
we, not including you goda  
what kind of kia Eo
what, what thing kwa F QUOI
whether or not, conjunction dali Bulgarian
which one of kiu Eo
who, what person kwi m of kwa
wife, X is a wife of Y zbani from zban
woman, X is a woman jini from jin
word, X is a word of language Y vor G VORt
work, v. X works on Y kam H
write books. v. X writes book Y. hontor  
yes, is true, is so. X is so. hay J
yesterday, X is yesterday padey  
you, 2d person pronoun zi G SIE

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